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An Award-Winning Electronics Store Inks Partnership With Jungle for Easier Installment Payments

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Shannela Store, a consumer electronics retailer with fourteen branches in the Philippines, signs a partnership agreement with Jungle. The award-winning mobile devices company taps Jungle to offer a seamless installment payment experience to its customers both online and in-store.

With almost half a million supporters on Facebook, Shannela Store believes Jungle can help them reach more customers who are looking for a better way to afford their products.

"With our technology, retailers like Shannela Store will be able to control the whole experience of offering and processing installment payments to their customers" Alejandro Reyes Bradford, explained in a statement.

Jungle takes pride in offering a fully digital installment payment experience for both consumers and merchants that eliminates pen-and-paper processes and removes the need for underwriters in each store.

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