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Jungle Announces Pre-Seed Round of Equity Funding From Singapore Private Investors

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Singapore — Jungle, a financial technology startup founded in Singapore to provide digital financial services to consumers in developing countries like the Philippines, today announced it has raised an undisclosed amount for its Pre-Seed equity funding round from private investors in Singapore.

This funding round will help Jungle hire key talents and start its operations in the Philippines. The announcement comes after Jungle received a tremendous amount of interest coming from consumers and online & offline retailers in the Philippines, signaling the market's readiness for a fully digital point-of-sale financing experience.

"We tested the market's interest for what we are trying to accomplish and we are very pleased with the acceptance we received from consumers and businesses who will directly benefit from our services," the company said in a statement.

Jungle strives to provide consumers a better way to afford by integrating technology and financial services—capitalizing on technology savviness of Filipinos and improving mobile connectivity in the country.

About Jungle

Jungle was founded to create a digital financial ecosystem in developing countries in Southeast Asia and beyond. Our goal is to create digital financial products and services that are inclusive and accessible to consumers and businesses we aim to serve.

Today, Jungle provides consumers an alternative to traditional credit cards and give them easy access to credit at the point of sale, whether online or offline, so they can have the flexibility to buy the things they need and love today and pay in fixed and easy monthly installments for their purchases—no hidden fees and surprise charges.

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