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Pros of Timely Loan Payments

Lenders like Jungle perform background checks and risk assessments before approving loan applications. And once a lender approves a borrower, it means that they trust the borrower's capability and intention to repay the loan in full plus interest no matter what. For those responsible borrowers who take care of Jungle's trust, the following benefits await them:

Save Money

Jungle users who pay on time avoid unnecessary late fees. This gives them more money on their pockets that they can use for other important expenses.

No Persistent Communications

Just like any lender, Jungle will send persistent notifications via SMS, app notifications, emails, phone calls, and even personal visits to remind you of your obligation to make repayments on your loans. Although we don't harass or shame our valued users in any way, receiving persistent messages from a lender could still be stressful for many of us.

Your Credit Score Will Improve

Jungle is a duly registered lending company and a member of credit bureaus that manage and maintain credit scores used by other lenders. One of Jungle's responsibilities as a lender is to report your loan performance as a borrower to credit bureaus. If you're paying on time, the report about you as a borrower will help increase your credit score—enabling you to get access to more and bigger loan options.

You'll Avoid Potential Lawsuits

Responsible borrowers who pay on time avoid the headache and financial burden a lawsuit brings to a person. Lenders could go after borrowers in court if they fail to perform their obligation in their loan agreement. Evading loan payments you agreed to pay is a criminal offense.

You Keep Access to Your Jungle Credit Line

Most "Buy Now, Pay Later" service today require you to apply for a loan every time you make a purchase. With Jungle, you only need to apply once. Once you are approved, you can use your Jungle credit line with our growing network of partner merchants and it replenishes and even increase as you pay on time. Any kind of loan products from a duly registered lender in the Philippines is under a contract. A contract is a legal obligation you agreed and signed. Being a responsible borrower sure has a lot of benefits that will help you save money from late fees, avoid getting stressed by persistent notifications, improve your credit score, avoid expensive and time-consuming lawsuits, and keep your access to Jungle's financial services.

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