Voucher Instructions

Jungle is a buy now, pay later service that enables consumers to pay for any of their purchases and pay in fixed monthly installments without a need for down payments or credit cards.

This service can be applied to voucher & e-Gift purchases from Share Treats & Giftaway and their partners. By using Jungle, you adhere to both Jungle's Terms of Service and their digital goods providers such as Share Treats & Giftaway.

How To Use​
  • Make sure the voucher is accepted at your desired location and the merchant is operating (COVID-19).

  • The eVoucher is for one-time use only.

  • A government issued ID is necessary to redeem the voucher when making a purchase.

  • The eVoucher cannot be transferred to other individual.

  • The eVoucher is valid immediately after receiving it, and code validity will be for 60 days.

  • Extra charges will apply to items purchased in excess of the value of the eVoucher.

  • Purchases below the amount of the discount eVoucher will not be accepted by the store and may not be used.

  • The eVoucher is not convertible to cash and not to be sold.

  • The eVoucher cannot be used to purchase cigarettes and tobacco products.

To learn more about Share Treats: https://www.sharetreats.ph/customer/frequentlyAskedQuestions


To learn more about Giftaway: https://giftaway.ph/terms

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